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  The Club will furnish a box stall for one horse, the loft space immediately above said stall, and to provide bedding for said stall.  You can not change stalls without permission from Yvette Rollins (812-797-4540).  The Club will clean the stall one time weekly, to feed twice daily, and water twice daily according to custodian’s reasonable feeding schedule.  The Club will furnish sawdust for renter to clean or pick stall the rest of the week.  Please be reasonable when using sawdust and put equipment back in its place.  Please furnish your name, contact numbers and vet numbers on all stalls.

Monroe County Sadle Club

Call Yvette Rollins for Stall Rental Information 812-797-4540 or E-mail Yvette

  The renter agrees to furnish TWO rubber buckets, which are unbreakable in winter, a feed storage container and scoop, for each stall rented.  Renters are to furnish all feed for said horse.  It is Renters responsibility to check to make sure they do NOT run out of feed or hay.
  YOUNG CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN LOFT.  It is renter’s responsibility to keep the loft area above their stall clean and free of clutter (feed bags, twine, old hay, etc.)  All renters choosing to use the pastures are responsible for filling water troughs if needed.
  For in and consideration of the above, the renter agrees to pay a deposit of $l50.00, which is refundable, plus the first month’s rent of $150.00 in advance. A late fee will be charged after the l0th of the month.  If inception or termination of agreement is effective on other than the first day of the month, rent is to be computed at the rate of $5.00 per day to the first day of the month, not to exceed $150.00.  This agreement is from Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st of the contract year.

  Renter further agrees not to remove horse from premises until all bills have been Settled and the custodian has been notified.  Renter further agreed to abide by all barn Rules and regulations currently in effect or that may be made effective in the further action by the Board of Directors of the Club.  Renter further agrees to maintain Club membership at all times, paying all Club fees and dues as required by the Club.  Renter further agrees that if rent is not paid thirty days after due, the Club may impound horse occupying said stall and at 30 days sell said horse at public auction as provided for in Burns Indiana State Statues.
 The Club is not responsible in case of accident or death of said horse: or theft of feed, horse, or tack. In the event that the renter cannot be contacted and the renters preferred veterinarian is not available during a serious medical emergency, the renter grants permission for the club to contact the first available veterinarian to care for the renter’s horse at the renter’s expense.

To Print, Complete and Sign Rental Agreement Please click here